More than 400 icons are included and packed with the template. The complete list of icons is availabe from the demo page.

You should notice that the icons used in the theme are font-icons, that is the are not image files but fonts.

What are Icon Fonts?

Icon fonts are just fonts. However, instead of containing letters or numbers, they contain symbols and glyphs. You can style them with CSS in the same way you style regular text which has made them a popular choice on the web.

Read more about font icons at sitepoint


To insert an icon to page, you should add an icon specific class-name to the icon. S simple icon would be like:

<i class="oli oli-global"></i>

Then .oli class-name is mandatory for icons and then the specific class-name of the icon will be after that. In the above example .oli-global is the class of an icon an above code will produce the following result: