Parallax Backgrounds

Background Image

In order to add a fixed background to an element( mostly sections ) this will be the HTML you should use:

<section data-img-src="../../assets/img/bg-dark.jpg" class="section set-bg"></section>

Notice that you shoul specify the image src as data-img-src. You can specify the image like this

<section class="section set-bg">
  <img class="set-me" src="../../assets/img/bg-dark.jpg"/>

Make it Parallax

Simply use .parallax-layer class

<section data-img-src="../../assets/img/bg-dark.jpg" class="section parallax-layer"></section>

That will do the trick.

Parallax attributes


This will change the parallax behaviour. It is recommended to keep this value between 0.05-0.5


Available Modes:

  • mode-1
  • mode-2
  • mode-3
  • mode-4
  • mode-5
  • mode-6

Example of usage:

<section data-img-src="../../assets/img/bg-dark.jpg" data-parallax-mode="mode-1" class="section parallax-layer h-500"></section>