Partner Logos

There is a simple way to show a logo, title, and description about your partners and it is using featured item like so:

The undelying code for above image is:

<div class="featured-item text-left">
  <div class="features-image">
    <img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/01.jpg" alt="image">
  <h3 class="features-title">Lorem ipsum inc.</h3>
  <div class="features-des">Lorem ipsum....</div>

.text-left will align the texts to the left.

Another great way to represent your partners to your users is a carousel maybe at the bottom of your page above the footer.

Code snippet for the above image is as bellow:

<div data-cols="6" data-cols-sm='3' data-cols-xs='2' data-cols-xxs='2' data-loop="true" class="owl-carousel items owwwlab-theme partner-logos">
  <div class="item partner-logo"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/01.png" alt="image"></div>
  <div class="item partner-logo"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/02.png" alt="image"></div>
  <div class="item partner-logo"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/03.png" alt="image"></div>
  <div class="item partner-logo"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/04.png" alt="image"></div>
  <div class="item partner-logo"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/06.png" alt="image"></div>
  <div class="item partner-logo"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/07.png" alt="image"></div>
  <div class="item partner-logo"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/08.png" alt="image"></div>

Partners in Grid

This grid can be achieved by the following snippet:

<ul class="clients-grid grid-6">
  <li><a href="#"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/01.png" alt="Clients"></a></li>
  <li><a href="#"><img src="../../assets/img/partner-logos/02.png" alt="Clients"></a></li>

It is essentially a list that has a class of .clients-grid and the .grid-6 is the variation of it.

  • .grid-6 for 6 columns
  • .grid-6 for 6 columns
  • .grid-5 for 5 columns
  • .grid-4 for 4 columns
  • .grid-3 for 3 columns
  • .grid-2 for 2 columns